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Date: 26 April 1971
Aircraft type: O-2A Skymaster
Serial Number: 67-21388
Military Unit: 23 TASS, 504 TASG
Service: USAF
Home Base: Nakhon Phanom
1Lt Guy L Mellor (Survived)
1Lt Len J Fleming (Survived)

In a worrying development in the air war over southern Laos, an O-2 FAC (call sign Nail) was shot down by a SAM about 30 miles east of Nakhon Phanom. The aircraft was flying at 80 knots at 7,000 feet and was damaged by a huge explosion on its starboard side forcing the crew to bail out. They both landed safely and were later rescued by a HH-53 from the 40th ARRS. The existence of the SAM site had only been confirmed a few weeks earlier.

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