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Date: 22 June 1969
Aircraft type: O-2B Skymaster
Serial Number: 67-21455
Military Unit: 9 SOS, 14 SOW
Service: USAF
Home Base: Nha Trang
Maj Erich Carl Engelhard (KIA)
1Lt Michael Anthony Seagroves (KIA)

The fourth O-2 lost during June was an O-2B psychological warfare aircraft (call sign Rage 3) or ‘leaflet bomber’ from the 9th SOS. The aircraft was directed towards a group of enemy troops 20 miles north of Nha Trang, probably to use its loudspeakers to broadcast messages designed to incite defection, rather than to drop leaflets. The aircraft was shot down near Ninh Hoa and, once again, both the crew died in the crash.

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