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Date: 29 March 1968
Aircraft type: O-2A Skymaster
Serial Number: 67-21302
Military Unit: 23 TASS, 504 TASG
Service: USAF
Home Base: Nakhon Phanom
Lt Col H C Johnson (Survived)
Maj J T Doran (Survived)

During a FAC mission over the North Vietnamese coast near Xuan Hoa, 15 miles southeast of Dong Hoi, an O-2 (call sign Nail 4) had its rear engine put out of action by ground fire. Lt Col Johnson flew back towards base on his remaining engine but he and his observer were forced to bail out of the aircraft in Laos 45 miles short of Nakhon Phanom. Both men were rescued by a HH-3E. This was the first confirmed occasion that anyone had survived being shot down in an O-2 since the first aircraft was shot down on 14 September 1967 and must have been a great relief to the O-2 community. The event was repeated a few days later.

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